Have you ever thought about trying a Paleo Diet but you don’t have any idea where to start?  Below is what I ate during the first week of my Paleo Diet experiment.  I tried to have a wide variety of foods, but I learned that I need to branch out in the vegetable department. Many of the meals were grilled.  Don’t think that you must eat grilled food if you want to eat like a caveman. I grilled a lot because it’s summer and very hot outside.  I want to enjoy this hot weather while I can.


Monday – Friday:  Fruit smoothies made with frozen blueberries or frozen bananas with hemp powder, apple juice and ice.

Saturday:  Three scrambled eggs with low fat ham and fresh fruit.


Fruit and almonds
Tasty Super Food

Monday:  Grilled chicken breast with fresh pineapple

Tuesday:  Pan fried Cajun catfish and steamed asparagus

Wednesday:  Grilled lemon chicken with sautéed broccoli

Thursday:  Asian salad with grilled shrimp

Friday:  Grilled steak salad with mixed greens, tomato and onion

Saturday:  BBQ Bison burgers (no bun) with grilled peppers, mushrooms and onions.


Fruit or nuts

mmmmm.... Catfish

Monday:  Swordfish steak with mixed vegetables

Tuesday:  Tomato, red onion and mixed herb salad with hemp seeds

Wednesday:  Grilled lemon chicken with grilled zucchini and red peppers

Thursday:  garlic sirloin steak with grilled balsamic red onions splashed

Friday:  beef shwarma with pickled turnips, tomatoes, red onion and chopped lettuce.

Saturday:  Smoked pork ribs. (Not Paleo but tasty!)

As you can tell, there is only six days on this week’s food diary.  When I started the experiment, I just returned from holidays and I needed to go grocery shopping.  I was unable to completely eat Paleo on the first Sunday so I didn’t include the meals.  Following the Paleo Diet has enabled me to eat more fish and seafood.  Usually, I don’t purchase fish because my wife hates the smell of it.  But now I’m justified.  When she has a piece of tofu or some beans for protein, I’m having yummy fish!  Tune in next week for another Paleo Diet menu.



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