The idea of conducting a Paleo Diet experiment came from a drunken conversation with my wife’s friend who kept trying to create tension between my wife and myself.   Our friend, who can become quite obnoxious when she drinks, kept needling us about the differences in the dietary principles that we follow.  My wife has been a vegetarian for more than five years and I try to follow the Paleo Diet principles as much as possible.  Our friend couldn’t understand that outside of the protein source, the diets are very similar. 

The next day after laughing about our friend’s antics, the thought occurred to us that it would be interesting to see if one style of eating was more beneficial to weight loss over the other.  We have a six week window between our two summer vacation periods so we decided that would be a good time to conduct the experiment.

Caution: Science at work

Does the Paleo Diet provide a greater percentage of weight loss than a vegetarian diet?


Myself and my wife Carolyn.  I will follow the Paleo Diet and she will follow a vegan diet.

Data Collection

Weight will be recorded at the beginning of the experiment and every 7 days afterward.  Weight will be measured in total weight lost and percentage lost. 

Body measurements will be taken at the beginning and end of the experiment.  Areas to be measured, include, chest, waist, hips and thigh.

Daily food and exercise diaries will be posted of both participants.

Testing Period

July 10 2011 –August 20, 2011

I’ll be making regular posts about the trials and tribulations of following a Paleo Diet.  I have a sugar addition that needs to be brought under control so this might get fun!  Why not take your own challenge at the same time and see how you do?  If you want to give it a go and need some support, post your own comments on the challenge blogs and we’ll support each other!



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