Going into week four of my Paleo Diet experiment, I was ready to follow Paleo Diet principles with a vengeance.  I had gotten over the brow beating I gave myself from cheating the previous week and I was ready to take the next step in going Paleo full time.  My only problem was that we had family visiting from out of town and I wasn’t sure what I would be doing or eating.  I wasn’t able follow proper meal planning techniques this week, so trouble lurked ahead.

Sunday – Wednesday:  Fruit smoothies made with frozen berries or frozen bananas with hemp powder, apple juice and ice.
Thursday:  Steak and eggs with a bowl of fresh raspberries
Friday:  Mixed berry smoothie with protein powder and apple juice.
Saturday:  Three scrambled eggs and two bananas


Fruit and almonds


Sunday:  Smoked pork ribs with grilled asparagus
Monday:  Pan fried fresh lake perch with spinach raspberry salad
Tuesday:  Grilled Chicken Salad
Wednesday:  Mediterranean salad with shrimp and calamari
Thursday:  Hebrew National Hot Dogs, almonds (not Paleo but my choice was limited at Comerica Park)
Friday:  Grilled Elk Burgers (no bun)
Saturday:  Flank steak salad

Fresh Lake Perch

Fruit or nuts


Sunday:  Grilled Bison burgers (no bun)
Monday:  Thai food – cashew chicken, and a spicy beef and vegetable dish
Tuesday:  English style beef stew
Wednesday:  Planked salmon with mixed fresh vegetables
Thursday:  Chicken wings (not Paleo)
Friday:  Goo Loo jumbo shrimp with mixed vegetables
Saturday:  Oven baked chicken fingers with homemade coleslaw

Planked Salmon
Once my family arrived, it quickly became obvious that I was going to be eating in restaurants for a large part of the week.  I was a little apprehensive that I wouldn’t be able to follow Paleo Diet principles.  At some restaurants, my Paleo choices were limited but at others, I had plenty of choice.  Outside of Thursday when we went to a Detroit Tiger’s game, my eating was pretty good.  In retrospect, I actually ate better that I thought I did.  I guess following Paleo Diet principles is getting easier!


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